5 Reasons Why Breakfast Should NOT Be Skipped

It is sad to know that many people today still believe that it is perfectly alright to skip breakfast. Some people just chose to ignore the importance of eating breakfast. The reason for this is that they are too lazy to wake up early. Others choose not to eat breakfast because they wanted to lose weight. Little they realize that it only lead them to eat more during lunchtime. In turn, they were eating more to make up for the breakfast meal that they skipped. This article aims to tell you just how important it is to eat breakfast.

Eating breakfast means fueling the body with enough energy for the day.

We are all aware that our stomach is empty when we wake up in the morning. In fact, it has been empty for the entire night because the last meal you had before you went to sleep was already digested right before you doze off. Of course, you chose to get up from bed because you will be doing something for the day, right? However, if you do not eat something for breakfast your brain and body will not be able to have enough source of energy to perform your tasks. Just like a car, it needs to be fueled for it to run efficiently.

Breakfast serves as the initial fuel for our brain.

Our brain contains and processes all the information that will be passed on to the other parts of the body. But, if a person skips breakfast his brain will not be able to function at its best. As a result, the person will either move sluggishly or think poorly at the beginning of the day. It is from the food that an individual eats in the morning that the brain will get its supply of glucose. Otherwise, the brain cannot activate at its best. Unfortunately, the same thing may also happen to the muscles. The muscles are just like the brain that needs glucose for proper functioning.

Skipping breakfast increases your vulnerability to stress and anxiety.

A person who refuses to eat breakfast will find himself experiencing dizziness and irritability. In fact, it increases his vulnerability to several other symptoms of anxiety such as fatigue, headache and difficulty concentrating. A person who does not eat breakfast will spend more time to carry out a simple task compared to those who had a healthy breakfast. Furthermore, working with an empty stomach will make a person suffer from mental and physical exhaustion.

Our brain and body needs to be fed with nutritious foods for breakfast.

It would be best to include whole grain foods such as rye bread and oats for breakfast. Protein-rich foods must also be included such as eggs, fish, lean meat and beans. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee, drink a glass of fresh fruit juice. Eating a nutritious meal for breakfast will prevent you from giving in to the temptation of eating unhealthy foods during snack time. When you make it a habit to eat a healthy breakfast, you will be able to have a steady supply of energy as you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Eating breakfast will help boost the person’s physical and mental capacity.

Studies have proven that those who eat breakfast will tend to perform better than anyone else at work or in school. It is because eating breakfast will help the person concentrate better. It will also help one to have an improved memory and problem-solving skill. There is also enough proof to show that eating breakfast helps the person manage his weight so that he will not become overweight or underweight. Another benefit of eating breakfast is that it makes the person start his day with the right mood. An individual who eats breakfast will not be easily shaken by anxiety and stress. It is because he has enough fuel for his brain and body to function well.

These are just few of the many benefits of eating breakfast. Avoid skipping it so that you can also avoid being vulnerable to stress which often preludes the existence of some other illnesses.

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