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It seems that in today’s image-aware society, people are always on the lookout for the newest and most effective workout equipment and plan. Sometimes however, the simplest and oldest concepts, though not modern or high-tech, can get the best results. Such is the case with adjustable kettlebells, which are quickly regaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Before launching into a review of some of the top adjustable kettlebells for sale today, this unique and versatile workout tool deserves a closer look.

The kettlebell was originally developed in Russia during the 18th century. It consisted of a cast iron ball, similar in appearance to a cannonball or bowling ball, attached to a handle. The person using the instrument would grip the handle tightly, and perform a series of exercises that involved lifting, swinging, and balancing the weight of the ball. The ultimate goal of this original kettlebell was to help strongmen develop muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and balance simultaneously, all through the employment of this one simple workout tool.

Although modern day kettlebells have evolved considerably from their 18th century roots, their principles remain the same; by performing exercises that engage different muscles of the body, through movement and coordination, individuals can structure an entire workout around the employment of one or two sets of adjustable kettlebells. So, what are the differences between the original kettlebell from the 1700s and the kettlebells for sale today, and how does the adjustable kettlebell differ from the more commonly used dumbbells and free weights found in virtually every commercial gym?

As previously mentioned, the original kettlebell consisted of a handle soldered to a solid cast iron ball. With that principle, it would be necessary to posses multiple sizes and weights of the tool in order to achieve a full workout, since to achieve tone and strength, not every muscle in the body is capable of lifting, or necessarily requires, the same amount of weight. Modern day kettlebell manufacturers have developed an innovative solution to this challenge, which economizes space, and ultimately saves money: The adjustable kettlebell handle. With an adjustable handle, users have the freedom to add as many or as few weight plates as they need in order to achieve their desired workout goals. As such, instead of owning an entire rack of different sized kettlebells, one needs only posses a select few adjustable handles and a variety of weight plates.

At this point, you may wonder how adjustable kettlebell handles differ from the more popular dumbell weights for strength training. The primary difference lies in the handle, which diverts the bulk of the weight away from the body. Users are required to grip the handle and balance the weight of the kettlebell while executing their various exercises. In addition, the kettlebell is a more compact weight source, allowing for a greater range of exercises than the dumbbell, which generally only facilitates on the spot lifting and lunges. Because of their size and the way they are used, kettlebell exercises closely resemble everyday aerobic activities such as shoveling snow, lifting and carrying packages, and other activities that require the coordination of several muscles groups in diverse parts of the body. The features of the kettlebell result in some of the best combination of cardio and toning exercises for women and men, through the use of just one simple piece of equipment.

Because of their growing popularity, adjustable kettlebells are being manufactured and sold by a great number of companies. Thankfully, the complexity of kettlebells lies not in their basic construction, but in the many exercises and full body workouts that their use facilitates. Nonetheless, having good quality, reliable equipment is one of the best ways of assuring that you will stay motivated, and continue to enjoy your workout regimen. Finding the best brand for your workout will involve determining your specific needs and your desired price range. It is worth thoroughly researching all kettlebell makes and models before making your choice, but the following brand names will give you a general idea of the quality and price ranges of products available: Weider and Kettlestack.

Adjustable Kettlebells

Weider SpaceSaver 20-pound Adjustable Kettlebell

Weider adjustable kettlebells are referred to as Powerballs. The brand offers three adjustable varieties to choose from, including the 20 pound ball, the 40 pound ball, and the ultimate powerball. In addition, the popular gym equipment brand manufactures the more traditional non-adjustable kettlebells in attractive and modern colors. All products come with useful information on workouts, tips for how to achieve one’s fitness goals, and the assurance of a trusted and popular brand name.

The Kettlestack brand, as their name suggests, specializes uniquely in kettlebells. Their adjustable handle is referred to as the Kettlestack, and features a unique and clever solution to providing bulk without adding weight: Foam discs. With Kettlestack’s specially designed lightweight foam discs, individuals can enjoy a lightweight cardio workout, without having to worry about having a kettlebell that is not properly calibrated. In addition, this brand boasts that users can attach weight plates that they already own (from other weight equipment) to the Kettlestack handle.

The ability to adjust the weight of a kettlebell, during the course of a fitness regimen, should be regarded as a great advantage. By starting with a lighter weight, individuals can perfect some of the signature kettlebell moves, such as the swing or the get-up, without risking injury or becoming discouraged. For instance, the Weider adjustable products feature a five-pound handle and the choice of either six 2.5 or 5 pound weight plates. By using only one or two plates to begin with, you will be able to perfect the moves for achieving the best chest workout, and add weights gradually, as you become more comfortable with the coordination of breath, momentum, and strength.

The two brands listed above provide an accurate representation of some of the different types of adjustable kettlebells on the market. They are not however, the only manufacturers of this exercise equipment, which is rapidly growing in popularity in both commercial and home gyms. Consider starting your research with Weider and Kettlestack, and then determining which makes will best suit your personal fitness needs and goals.

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