Best Lower Back Exercises

Having a strong and trained lower back is crucial in order to avoid chronic pains and problems that are caused by an untrained and weak lower back. People who work out regularly, should have their lower back training integrated into their training routines. However, considering that the modern way of living often causes back issues almost to anyone of us, noting the following lower back exercises is actually required:

Barbell Deadlifts

Barbell dead-lifts is one of the most effective of the lower back exercises. Performing it correctly though is significant: Keep your back straight. Bent over and grasp the barbell at a shoulder width. Lift the barbell slowly and at the same time push your legs until you have reached a standing position. Repeat the whole movement.

Barbell Lower Back Training

Take a bar and add your desired weight. Make sure that you can handle the weight. After all you want to strengthen your back and not damage it. Grab the barbell firmly and pull the weight up to your chest level. Lower it to the ground. Hold the Barbell at the upper position for two seconds in order to increase intensity. Be careful while you lower the barbell, to prevent a possible injury.


Hyper-extensions is an exercise that gives strength and helps enforce the muscles that support your back. Lie down on a hyper-extension bench and facing downwards ensure that your feet are locked under the footpads. Bend forward and at the same time make sure that your back is in a horizontal position while you move up and down. If you are advanced and you if you are quite familiar with the specific exercises then holding a weight while you perform the hyper-extensions to increase resistance would be a great idea.

As a conclusion, I might say that adopting these useful exercises to your normal strength training muscle routines is a kind of a guarantee that your lower back muscles are strong enough to withstand the pressure that is being applied to them during your workouts or during your normal daily routine.

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