Boxercise Routines, Exercises And Classes

Since beginning in the UK in the early 1990s, Boxercise has grown in popularity and is becoming more accessible to people worldwide. Those interested in the combination of boxing training and exercise can purchase a Boxercise DVD or look into Boxercise classes to learn about the program. Boxercise is appropriate for both genders, all ages and those with varying abilities. There are many benefits to this exercise program such as the enhancement in movement range, exertion on all major muscle groups, improvement in concentration and self-discipline, increased fitness levels and stamina, reduction in stress and of course weight loss via calorie burning. Furthermore, unlike regular boxing, it is non contact. And unlike jumping on a treadmill machine or using free weights, it is often undertaken in a class so there is more of a social aspect which helps to keep you motivated.

Even with these benefits, there are downsides to this form of fitness. People sometimes over-train in the program because they become addicted to it. Injuries such as shin splits and sore knuckles are quite common. Injuries to the thumbs can also become painful as well as annoying if they are not properly protected.


Although it is possible to learn about Boxercise exercises from various sources on the Internet, formal Boxercise courses are very much available. Typically, a diverse workout program is on tap, including cross training as well as improvement in skills such as balance, hand-eye coordination and timing.

Many fitness clubs and gyms provide training in Boxercise routines. Some will even have free classes for their members. Many such outlets can offer personal training or group classes. There are also courses for kids and the variation of Kickboxercise for those who prefer this program. In any case, pretty much any course will offer circuit training that includes abdominal work, bag work, pad work, pushups, resistance, skipping and strength training to provide an all-around workout.

A Boxercise class offers a more structured setting and formal warming up and cooling down that may be beneficial to someone unfamiliar with the program. It may also be beneficial to have the chance to observe a seasoned professional perform the boxing drills and skills to be certain one has gotten the details correct.


If you do take up formal classes, you may find yourself training in such conventional routines as hitting pads, kicking punch bags, press-ups, shadowboxing, shuttle-runs, sit-ups and skipping. Boxing and Boxercise routines are challenging as they feature constant moving exercises as well as short, sharp exercises like punch balling. Those who cannot get to a fitness club or gym can still find a routine or workout to do at home or anywhere else in fact. For example, there are a range of excellent routines such as the attack and retreat workout and simpler ones such as the abductor. Other patterns include box and flow, cardio kickboxing, the core strengthener, jab cross, jump rope drill, lower body drills and turning combo. Routines may vary according to the user’s purpose such as losing weight or to increase self-discipline.

These patterns can be adjusted and varied to an individual’s preferences as long as they still embody the basic principles of a Boxercise routine. What must be kept in mind is that this program is not for those who have ambitions for getting into a boxing ring. Rather these are workouts for those who prefer a little variety in their exercise routines or just a different way to get in shape. Since it can be suited to nearly anyone irrespective of skill level, these exercises are ideal for those just starting a new exercise routine or fitness program.


Anyone starting this as a new fitness program will of course need the proper exercise equipment and that means first and foremost Boxercise gloves. Many gyms or fitness centers may provide these and other related equipment such as boxing shoes, punch bags and skipping ropes. In relation to Boxercise gloves, a couple of the top brands to look out for are BBE and Everlast. In terms of fitness wear, a basic outfit would include items such as leggings, a loose fitting top, shorts and trainers usually are not provided but they are necessary. Women may also need to invest in a support bra. Wrist strapping should also be considered.

For those who cannot make it to the gym, a piece of equipment to invest in might be a DVD or two. Many of the boxing routines combine elements of dancing and martial arts, so they are as fun and varied as an actual class. There are DVDs from many well-known fitness instructors and boxers such as Billy Blanks, Muhammad Ali, Gary Todd, Fernando Vargas and Ian Oliver. Interested parties may also look at advice columns and websites from Boxercise personalities such as Clinton Mackenzie and personal trainers like Peter Herbert who offer fitness tips and other helpful information on their websites and blogs.

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