Exercise on a Budget

For many people, exercising is something that they know they should do but rarely have the drive or motivation to do it. For others, they may want to exercise but cannot do much beyond a couple crunches in the morning due to time restraints. For these two groups exercising is not a financial issue, or [...] Read more »

How to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Many people would like to improve their physique, health or endurance, and there are several plans and gadgets out there to assist them in reaching their goals. If you have fitness goals that you would like to achieve, you may be confused by all of the products on the market. Here are some simple tips [...] Read more »

Run, Run, Run!

Our freeze protection line of heating cables is often used in the industrial and residential settings as a pipe heating cable. It allows pipes to be wrapped and then insulated so the necessary temperatures can be maintained for the conditions desired surrounding the pipe. This pipe heat trace system saves pipes and their contents in [...] Read more »

Good Outdoor Family Activities

Taking time to be together as a family is an important part of building your family relationships. While there are several of great activities that you can do from inside the home, sometimes it just feels nice to go outside and do something together. If you are looking for a break from the usual routine [...] Read more »

Best Lower Back Exercises

Having a strong and trained lower back is crucial in order to avoid chronic pains and problems that are caused by an untrained and weak lower back. People who work out regularly, should have their lower back training integrated into their training routines. However, considering that the modern way of living often causes back issues [...] Read more »

Does Your Personal Trainer Have These Top Qualities?

Finding the right personal trainer is a long, drawn-out process for some and for others it happens on the first appointment. Most people have to try working with several different trainers (sometimes in varied settings) before realizing what kind of trainer they need. This guide will describe three universal qualities of a good trainer – [...] Read more »