Does Your Personal Trainer Have These Top Qualities?

Finding the right personal trainer is a long, drawn-out process for some and for others it happens on the first appointment. Most people have to try working with several different trainers (sometimes in varied settings) before realizing what kind of trainer they need. This guide will describe three universal qualities of a good trainer – qualities that every trainer, no matter what techniques or philosophies they use, should display.

1. Immaculate Record Keeping Abilities

Have you ever felt as if you have made definite progress yet your trainer seems less than enthused? Have you ever felt as if you were slacking because your trainer doesn’t pay enough attention? If your personal training coach keeps immaculate records, this puts her in the best position to see how your strengths and weaknesses evolve over time and follow up accordingly.

2. A Personal Interest in Your Success

Some personal trainers have an impersonal approach however contradictory such a situation may seem. You want a trainer who takes a personal interest in your successes and failures. If you start calling in to cancel appointments, you trainer should ask you about the situation. If you tell your trainer that you do not want to do a certain exercise, your trainer should ask you why.

3. A Motivational Personality

It’s easy to become so impressed with a trainer’s experience and expertise that personality falls by the wayside. Unfortunately, personal differences can take a major toll down the road – especially if a disagreement or injury occurs. You need to like your trainer, and trust him. This is only possible if you and your trainer have that unique compatibility.

Does your personal trainer pass the test? If you don’t enjoy your workout experience, even after repeated chances, it may be time to switch. There is no shame in taking your money and walking away – the trainer is there to help you work out, not act as a source of frustration or doubt!

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