Adjustable And Flat Exercise Bench Guide

An exercise bench is one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment. Its key focus is to strengthen the muscles of the back and chest. However, it is just as often used for tightening the abdominal muscles as well as for triceps dips. There is a wide variety of fitness benches available in the marketplace. Different models include specific features to suit the needs of different users. Two broad categories in this product are a flat bench and an adjustable bench.

A flat exercise bench is ideal for building muscles in the upper torso. It enables the user to perform specific chest development exercises safely and in a scientific manner for optimal results. An adjustable bench, on the other hand, allows the user to perform additional exercises that involve inclining and reclining activity. Therefore, it is more versatile by design and can be used for muscle building in a greater number of areas. Traditionally, men have performed push-ups with a bench press that specifically leads to development of triceps and pectoral muscles. However, nowadays girls and women are increasingly making use of this equipment to improve their fitness level and enhance their figure.

In fact, using an exercises bench has almost become a standard to measure the muscular strength of an individual. One of the common ways fitness enthusiasts compare their strength against others is by comparing how much does a person “bench”? Perhaps the generic term “benchmarking” has its origins from here. There are national and international fitness competitions and championships held all over the world centred around this piece of equipment. However, for inexperienced people, it is advisable to perform bench based exercises under proper supervision. It is better to perform almost all exercises under a trained supervisor until one learns the correct technique and method.

Exercise BenchThe most popular usage of an exercise bench is the bench press. The aim of this exercise is to boost the muscles in the upper body. You can observe many people performing this routine in a gym. The methodology of the exercise is that the person must lie flat on his back and then gradually lower a specific measure of weight, often attached to handle bars by a pulley system, with both his or her arms to chest level. Once it is lowered, then the weight is pushed back up equally with both arms and gradually. Ideally, the arms should be pushed up to their maximum limit with the weight, and then brought down as close as possible to the chest. This rigorous activity will be continued in a series of sets for a specified period of time under the guidance of a fitness trainer.

Another popular exercise is the barbell bench press, which differs from the above only in that free weights (the barbell) are used. The advantage with this form of exercise is that it produces maximized results for the chest with minimal wear and tear and low risk of injury. Furthermore, using free weights stabilizer muscles as well. The method in this case is quite simple and it begins with the person lying flat on a bench, and the shoulders pressing against the surface. The position of the feet can either be at the other edge of bench or down firmly against the ground. This is a safe body posture to perform weight lifting against the chest. It allows the lifter to put extra pressure on the muscles by lifting more weight, producing better results in most cases.

In addition to the regular or standard models of benches, there are several multi-purpose exercise benches available in the market these days that are popular among fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters. Such benches are ideal for building triceps muscles, curls, and also allow the user to perform various free weight routines, including dumb bells. Some of the models have provision for adjustments and customization according to the specific needs of the user. This helps to achieve more focused results as per the body condition of the user. In such models, it is possible to place the weight crutches in different positions to perform modulated exercises for example.

For home use, one of the more sought-after models is a folding exercise bench. It is ideal for homes that do not have separate or exclusive space for gym activities. Therefore, after the fitness session is over, the user can fold away the equipment and secure it in a small corner of the room. Therefore, the space remains free for other purposes. There are also incline/decline benches that enable the user to perform both inclining and declining exercises to achieve all round results and an overall great body shape. If the user is keen on developing muscular abs and a strong abdominal area, a slant bench may be more suited for his needs. This model has the versatility to allow the user to perform a number of different workouts because the equipment can be customized to flat, decline or incline positions conveniently.

Many different types and qualities in benches can be found at all good stores that sell fitness equipment and accessories. There are a number of online retail stores as well that specialize in such equipment and provide competitive prices and a wide array of options and features to choose from.

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