Finding a Painter for Your New Home

Building a home can be a stressful experience. You have to work with dozens of sub contractors to bring your vision to life. As you collect bids, you have to weigh quality of product and craftsmanship against cost in order to get the best for your budget. AnOklahoma Citypainter can bring color to your home while providing you with the best finish and professional look.

Choosing the Right Color

Paint chips just don’t cut it when it comes to picking a color for your whole house. A 1.5 inch square doesn’t begin to express what the final product will look like. In addition, you need to take into consideration that each room has different light due to the number of windows. What looks perfect in the kitchen will be too dark in the hall bath; but, you don’t know that until the paint is on the walls. The best way to test colors is to buy small containers of your top three choices and paint test patches around your house. Sure, it may look like your walls have a case of rainbow chicken pox but you’ll get a real-life look at tone and lighting so that you can make an informed decision.

Get a Bid from Your Painter

When you call for a bid you’ll want to ask the painter what his price per square foot includes. Not all painters provide the same level of service. Some have a base price for one or two toned jobs while others are expecting special finishes. It’s best to meet with the painter at your future home so you can explain what you expect and he can give you a firm bid. It’s also a good time to ask his opinion on specific areas. You may have a large, blank wall that screams for a leather look. Or, perhaps you want something more specific like clouds on the ceiling or a mural above your television. Window boxes and build-in shelving can be painted to stand out. If you’d like a country look he can recommend popular colors for bead board and chair rail. Or, if you’re more of a romantic, he can point you toward the deep creams and blushes. Use your painter as a resource and you’ll be sure to enjoy the final product.

Choosing a Painting Company

Look for a company that’s been around for a while. Several years ago, during the building boom, many started their own painting companies with little more than a paint sprayer, a ladder and a pair of overalls. What they lacked was the knowledge of how to prepare a wall for a smooth or textured surface, how to get crisp lines and how to professionally finish the job. Make sure your painter has a good reputation. You can ask for references or ask friends who they recommend. The companies that weathered the recession are usually companies with good backgrounds and high quality work. An Oklahoma City painter can give you one of the final touches on your beautiful new home at a reasonable cost. They work fast and treat you with respect.

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