How to Tell if a Real Estate Agent Is Good

When it comes to buying and even selling a home, every person wants to know that they have the best real estate agent helping them out. Like anything there are always going to be good and bad versions. There are a few things that each person can do to ensure they have one of the good ones working for them.

Office Time and Homes Sold

A good agent will spend little time in their office or behind a desk. For a person to see what kind of person they are working with, they need to see them in their element. Check out one of their upcoming open houses. This will give the person an idea of the quality they should expect from the realtor.

Also, be sure to check on how many homes they closed the past few years. The average agent will close at least 2 houses a year. This should give the person a good starting point. Try to seek out an agent that has produced good results for a friend or family member. The chances are in the person’s favor that they will produce the same result for them.

Online Profile or Portfolio

In this day and age, it is important to make sure the agent is more than comfortable online. Most buyers will find their home online before seeking out a real estate agent. MrSharp for instance is the online profile of a real estate specialist located in Vancouver. A good agent will be available for communication through all types of technology: cell phones, email, and text.

Interview Multiple Agents

Any buyer or seller should feel comfortable with their agent and know that the agent is being realistic with them. It is always nice for a person to hear what they want, but that does not actually produce results. It is important to have someone that is going to help the buyer or seller, and help find them the very best deals in a realistic manner.  Never sign a buyer’s agreement before seeing the property, and the person should not work with someone who is pressuring them into an agreement before they are ready.

Make Sure the Agent Is a Go Getter but Has Time

It is good to find an agent that is always on the move and working hard. These are important qualities in their profession; however, most realtors can only realistically work with up to six buyers or sellers at a time in order for them to have time for each client. If the person finds they are dealing with an assistant more than the agent, it is best to move on to someone else.

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