How to Use a Recumbent Stationary Bike

A recumbent stationary bike functions in a similar way to an ordinary bicycle, with the notable difference that it is fixed in one place. Most of these bikes feature interactive screens through which different workout programs can be activated and information on the amount of calories burned in a particular session recorded. These bikes are excellent for cardiovascular exercise and are quite easy to operate. However as a guide for first time users, this article will explain how to operate a stationary bike effectively.

Firstly, it is important to dress comfortably and equip yourself with the right accessories. Choose loose clothing that allows for considerable freedom of movement, such as a T-shirt and pair of shorts. As a reasonable amount of perspiration is likely to occur, make sure to bring along a bottle of water for regular hydration. A small towel may also help to improve comfort levels during the course of the workout. After all of the essentials are taken care of, the position of the bike can be adjusted.

A recumbent stationary bike is usually equipped with fully adjustable settings that allow the angles of the seat, handlebars and pedals to be moved into the position that best enables the comfort of the rider. Seats that are too high may cause pain in the back of the knee, and low handlebars can cause neck pain, so choosing a correct position is highly important. The seat can be lowered or raised, and its angle can also be adjusted to varying degrees. A good way to discover the most comfortable seating position for your specific size and height is to experiment with a variety of settings. Once you have found the position and angle that provides you with an adequate level of comfort, you can proceed to initiating a workout program.

Recumbent Stationary BikeYou may choose any one of the available programs offered by the stationary recumbent exercise bike, or design your workouts manually. The intensity and resistance of the machine can be manipulated to your choice as well, allowing for plenty of variation within each individual workout session. Additional resistance is designed to simulate hills or elevated angles that would be encountered during an actual outdoor bike ride. By this reasoning, changing “gears” can also be performed, allowing you to pedal at the speed you prefer. Mixing your workout with varying degrees of resistance will provide for a more intense overall training session.

There are several additional points to keep in mind before and after each workout. Remember to adjust the pedal straps around your ankles in a way that is both comfortable for you and manages to keep your feet fixed in place during operation of the recumbant stationary bike. This will ensure that your feet do not slip during intense pedaling. Also, a thorough warm up session should be performed before the workout begins. Warming up the body helps to increase muscle elasticity and blood flow, which translates to a reduction in the risk of injury while biking, prevention of muscle stiffness, and the psychological benefits of preparing your mind and body for exercise.

Recumbent stationary bikes are sold within a broad range of different models designed by various fitness manufacturers. These are subject to significant variations in prices. If you are interested in purchasing a stationary or spinning bike, consider reading recumbent stationary bike reviews well in advance. This will help to supply you with helpful information on what to expect in terms of prices and common problems associated with the functional quality of the bike, allowing you to ultimately determine which bike is most appropriate for your situation.

An alternative to a stationary exercise bike is to look in to purchasing a stationary bike stand. These fit to your outdoor bike and allow you to use it inside in the event of bad weather for example. Some are able to fit recumbent bikes too.

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