The Reebok I Run Treadmill: Model & Features Guide

The Reebok I Run is a versatile electronic treadmill offering a variety of advanced capabilities and functions at a reasonable price. Because of the inherent good reputation enjoyed by the Reebok brand name, the Reebok I Run treadmill is easily one of the best selling treadmills available on the market. Highly regarded by an assorted number of critics and fitness professionals alike, this treadmill is often the option of choice for fitness enthusiasts looking to perform regular cardiovascular exercise indoors – without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money on acquiring advanced treadmill equipment. However, in order to make an informed decision, a thorough understanding of the treadmill’s features and specifications is necessary.


To begin with, one of the defining qualities responsible for the popularity of the Reebok I Run within the domestic fitness market is its ability to be folded and transported easily. The handlebar/grip section of the treadmill (the vertical section in front of the runner) can be lowered to a position parallel to the treadmill chain itself, allowing the entire piece of fitness equipment to be stored in a much smaller space than that required with the original unfolded position. This provides treadmill owners with the ability to economize on limited space and create additional freedom of movement within the home area. The device weighs in at 69kg and is also equipped with lower-section wheels allowing it to be moved easily from one location to another.

Reebok I RunAnother interesting feature of the Reebok I Run Plus electric treadmill is its 1.5 HP motor which generates enough mechanical energy to achieve 14km/hour running speeds. Although more advanced treadmill models typically offer slightly higher speeds and an overall greater degree of technological sophistication, the Reebok RE14301BK I Run Treadmill (to call it by full model number for a black treadmill) is inexpensive and difficult to match for quality within the category of basic treadmills for regular home use. The treadmill band can be adjusted to varying degrees in order to simulate inclines and declines while changing the level of resistance during running. This provides for an overall more realistic running experience and keeps your body guessing during intense cardiovascular exercise.

Additionally, the Reebok I Run Plus is equipped with a clear blue LCD screen positioned in the central handlebar section. The LCD interactive screen provides a number of useful functions including a heart rate monitor (activated by hand grip), stopwatch functionality, and a system that records the amount of calories burned in each individual exercise session along with running speed and distance ran. Along with this, the interactive screen also allows you to choose from a number of different preset running programs or to design your own based on a specific speed and distance. Designing your own exercise session is relatively simple and can be performed simply by toggling several buttons located below the LCD screen.


Using the treadmill is generally easy and many users have commented on how easy it is to operate this fitness device on a first time basis. To get the most out of your exercise session, there are several points to keep in mind. Before and during a cardiovascular exercise routine, it is important to make sure your body is well-hydrated. Keep a bottle or canteen of mineral water in the area throughout the course of your run, so you can quickly take a few gulps whenever needed. When running, you can choose to grip the handlebar section firmly so as to minimize the risk of slipping or losing your balance, although if you are a more experienced runner you may prefer to run hands free.

As is the case with most treadmills, it is important to maintain focus during the running session. Getting distracted suddenly or looking in another direction can cause your body to lose coordination. This could result in injury, so make sure to remain clear and focused, keeping your eyes generally fixed forwards at all times. One of the possible disadvantages of Reebok I Run treadmills that could aggravate this issue is the relative thinness of the running bands. Although there is ample space for free running movement, a few extra inches could help to improve overall safety while running.


The I Run can be found at a variety of fitness stores located both online and locally. Because of this particular treadmill’s popularity, finding one will not be difficult. However, you are likely to run into a notable variation in price range associated with each individual treadmill retailer. In these situations, a little extra research can help you to weed out the weaker offers from the better deals within a relatively short amount of time. Some online fitness stores will offer additional discounts and deals on their Reebok range. Consider browsing through the catalogs provided by major online fitness marketplaces or purchasing a secondhand model in the event that your budget is a serious issue. These treadmills are sometimes referred to as the Reebok Irun or Reebok I-Run, but refer to the same product. There is one spin off though – the Reebok I Run Music treadmill. Basically the same build, but it comes with an MP3 docking station that is more often found on higher end models.

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