Run, Run, Run!

Our freeze protection line of heating cables is often used in the industrial and residential settings as a pipe heating cable. It allows pipes to be wrapped and then insulated so the necessary temperatures can be maintained for the conditions desired surrounding the pipe. This pipe heat trace system saves pipes and their contents in many locations and environments.


Run the Stress Out


As I enter the door to my home, my sanctuary from a long hard day you would think I would want to just relax. I however am not that type of person. When I have had a long day at work, then following work having to go to three classes at the University, I want to run!


Not run away from my problems or get out of town, but literally run. A stress reliever for me is putting on my running shoes, popping in my headphones and taking off down the street for a nice evening run.



Making Your Run More Comfortable


There are a few tips to having an enjoyable run.


First, wearing the right attire is huge. You need to wear pants and a shirt that pull the moisture away from your body and are a quick dry material. You also need to make sure you get fitted for running shoes.


Many people have different styles of running, and the shoes make a huge difference. Some people run on their heals more than an even step. Other people run more on their tip toes. Either way, there is a right shoe for you.


Any local running store should have a simulator that allows them to view your running style. They can also test for the width and depth of your arches and fit you for insoles.


Having the right running attire will allow you to feel comfort while running and allow you to focus on the run rather than your comfort level.


Jazz up Your Run


Music can be a great boost in your run. Listening to upbeat music has been proven to increase your heart rate, which also allows you to keep up on your pace.

When you are toward the finish line it can be a bit daunting at times. You feel you cannot go on any longer or that you want to give up. That little extra boost in music vibe energy can help you last until the end. Listen to music that you enjoy and that is also upbeat and catchy.


Year Round Running


Many people have asked me how do you keep running year round when you live in a state that has all four seasons? Even though obstacles get in the way, I never let that stop me from running.


During the icy cold winter months I will go down into my basement and run on my treadmill.


In fact, one obstacle that I faced was last winter I went down into my basement to start my run I realized how cold it was down there.


It turns out all of my water pipes had frozen because it was so cold. All I needed to do was get pipe heating tape to prevent my pipes from freezing. It allows pipes to be wrapped and then insulated so the necessary temperatures can be maintained for the conditions desired surrounding the pipe.


After I fixed my frozen pipes, I of course kept on running! I don’t like to slow down or stop my running during the winter months because that means I have to retrain when spring comes around.


It is much easier and enjoyable for me to continue my dedication and keep up on my running.


I have done many 5K and a few half marathons, my next goal is to complete a full marathon!


-Maddie Williams

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