Top Exercise Bike Options

When choosing an exercise bike, such as a stationary exercise bike or mini exercise bike, there are a number of top models to choose from. Before making a purchase, you should know a little bit about what type of bike you want, as well as what types of bikes are available, while keeping in mind your budget. With this knowledge, you can make a sound purchase.

Features on stationary exercise bikes range from simple to the complex. The style of stationary exercise bike is an important first step; do you prefer the traditional look of an upright bike, or the more modern look of a recumbent bike that is closer to the ground with the pedals slightly in front of, rather than directly underneath, the user? The Schwinn stationary bike is a great example of an upright bike, while the Reebok exercise bike is a nice display of a recumbent version. Next, you should consider what features you prefer, such as resistance levels, heart rate monitors, seat sizes (such as narrow or wide, foam or gel), adjustable seating, type of framing, handle bar selection, pedal variances, and type of warranty, just to name a few. Some bikes even come with racing programs and programmable consoles that may include RPM (rotations per minute), calories burned, average speed, and distance traveled. There are numerous other options to choose from when selecting a stationary exercise bike, so shop around and decide on what features will suit you best.

If purchasing a stationary bike is not in the budget, an excellent alternative is to buy a stationary bike stand. These stands allow your regular outdoor bicycle to be placed into the stand to be used as a stationary exercising system. This can be done inside the home, or even outside if you prefer. This allows your “machine” to be a portable exercise bike, and it can be used in any space in which your bicycle will fit. This alternative is less expensive, but just as effective.

Sunny Mini BikeAnother option is to use a mini exercise bike. This type of exercise equipment is a stand that sits on the floor with pedals built in.  It is a nice option for those who do not have the space for a stationary bike, or who do not want to spend quite as much on a piece of equipment. Some of these bikes tend to slip or squeak, so it is important as a buyer to check them out before purchase. Mini exercise bikes come with a range of features as well, such as resistance levels, motorization, and even monitors for hooking up to television.

When choosing a piece of exercise equipment, it is often overwhelming, and selecting an exercise bike is no exception. There are so many top exercise bike models that it can be difficult to know which one will provide you with the options you want. However, keeping in mind what type of workout you want, the features you prefer, as well as your budget, you can find the bike that is right for you.

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