Used Treadmills for Sale

If you have been seriously considering purchasing a treadmill to add to your current gym equipment set-up but have been put off by the expensive costs of new treadmill models, an alternative you can check into is used treadmills for sale. Purchasing a used treadmill could save you thousands of dollars depending on the make and model of the product and could still provide you with the long lasting quality piece of exercise equipment you require.

Where to buy

Some places you could look for a used treadmill for sale are your local newspaper, the internet, auctions, professional sports stores or used sports equipment retailers in your area. Often individual fitness gear owners selling this equipment are more interested in getting rid of the product than receiving a high price for reasons such as lack of space in their home or because of an upcoming move, and they are willing to let the item go for a very reasonable price to make a quick sale. This is a golden opportunity to purchase a quality piece of equipment at an affordable price. Just the same, you should still take the time to thoroughly inspect the treadmill you are planning to buy, try it out if possible and make sure it is working properly and in good physical shape.

Another possible avenue to acquire a used treadmill model is through factory refurbished products complete with matching warranty from the company. Many name brand companies such as Landice and Precor will offer warranty on refurbished treadmill parts for up to a year because of the superior quality mechanical construction of these models, enabling you to get a very good deal for your money on a used product.

Used Treadmills For SaleHow to buy

When considering investing in a used treadmill, you may find it best to stick with those name brand models known for maximum quality construction and performance. There are many different name brand treadmill makes and models to choose from and by researching ahead of time to identify the brands that are tried and proven to be durable and that provide long lasting service you will acquire the quality merchandise you desire. Internet reviews are one way to check into the quality of a particular treadmill brand as a good product will receive good reviews. You can also review the particular specifications of the model you are interested in to include size of the treadmill, width and length of the deck, motor type and size, etc. to make sure it meets your requirements.

The type of treadmill you buy will depend on the use you plan to give the equipment. If your exercise routine calls for daily treadmill use for a specific amount of time and you know you will be giving this equipment maximum usage, you will probably opt for a stronger model that can take daily wear and tear without falling apart easily. If you plan to use your machine on a lighter basis such as on weekends or maximum two to three times a week for light workouts, you could choose a model that fits your exercise program accordingly and perhaps a less robust model will suffice in this case.

Another factor to consider when buying is what kind of features you require of your treadmill. Are you looking for a basic model with as little extra features as possible or for a more deluxe model that may include accessories such as heart rate monitors, special stands or holders for books and water bottles and pre-programmed workouts for greater variety in your exercise routine? In addition, some models come equipped with wheels for easy movement from one part of your home or office to another as well as fold up capabilities for easy storage. These are factors you need to take into consideration when looking for the product you desire.

Costs of Used Treadmills

You will find that used treadmills for sale will vary in price depending on the name brand, make and model, extra features and accessories, size and what shape your used product is in. However, in general, used models of top name brand products can often be found for half the price of their new counterparts by taking the time to research your options. You can also obtain great bargains by purchasing a used treadmill model online to include shipping and handling costs. Sometimes professional fitness stores will offer great treadmill sale discounts on floor demos that look and run like new and which come with full warranty.

Assessing the product you desire to include quality construction and performance, additional features and accessories, size and name brand before you decide to buy will give you a good idea of what kind of funds you can expect to pay for this piece of gym equipment. It would probably be to your benefit to invest a bit more in the end and acquire the best used treadmill for sale you can afford so you can be sure to receive optimum service for years to come and have a machine that will help you keep in shape both now and in the future.

Used or new treadmills for sale in the lowest price bracket are undoubtedly manual machines, with Stamina and SunnyFitness and producing some good options. As far as electric treadmills for sale goes though, there are still plenty of affordable lightweight and compact models that are generally targeted at the home market. These include Reebok treadmills, and those by Merit Fitness and Paradigm.

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